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Project 180 is headed by Glenn Azar and Alyssa Azar and brings together a team of highly professional coaches, adventure leaders and support staff with the aim of creating an environment that helps you to succeed in all areas of your life.

Glenn Azar

Glenn Azar

Glenn is the founder of Adventure Professionals. A former soldier with 17 years Australian Army experience where he specialised in Blackhawk Medical Evacuations and deployed to Bougainville and then East Timor under INTERFet.

Glenn is passionate about personal development and is a qualified Life Coach, Small Business Coach and the host of his own podcast ‘The Building Better Humans Project’ which is available on itunes.

Glenn’s number one passion has been sharing his experiences through adventure. He has a firm belief that adventure provides the best form of Personal Development possible. You set yourself a goal, start a plan (fitness) and then tackle the challenge. You have to complete the task no matter what the weather conditions or what nature throws at you. You may be wet, cold, hot, uncomfortable and yet you still complete the goal.

This has a great benefit for every area of your life from business to personal. The skills to set a goal, work the plan and overcome any obstacles to achieve the goal are all beneficial skills to have. Adventure brings us back to nature and strips everything back to its simplest form and in this fast paced society we live today, that’s a good thing.

Glenn started Adventure Professionals with the intent of sharing his love for adventure and these benefits with as many people as possible. That’s why he guarantees you will have an experience of a lifetime on any adventure you participate in with Adventure Professionals.

Alyssa Azar

Alyssa Azar

Alyssa is no stranger when it comes to mental and physical high performance having successfully stood on the summit of Mt Everest twice. She is the youngest Australian to summit Mt Everest and the youngest woman to summit from both the North and South sides of Mt Everest.

Her adventurous spirit started when she was just 8 years old and crossed the Kokoda Track becoming the youngest person to do so at the time. 

Alyssa has now climbed in Russia, South America, New Zealand, Africa and numerous climbs throughout Nepal. She also leads adventures to Everest BC, Mt Kilimanjaro, Aussie 10 Peaks and the Kokoda Track. 

Alyssa is currently working and studying Psychology. If you want to work on your physical and mental strength with a no-nonsense approach Alyssa will help you get that result. She has a proven track record in pushing herself beyond all boundaries, mental and physical, and she can help you achieve this too.

Ziah Faasee

Ziah Faasee

Ziah is an energetic and very approachable trainer who really knows how to get the most out of people. He has a passion for health and fitness having once weighted 130kg and brought himself back down to under 100kg.

He understands the mental and physical journey as well as the sacrifices we have to make to reach our goals.

Ziah is well known for his personable character and huge smile that instantly makes people feel at ease when they walk into the gym. A former football player who know likes to train and compete in Combat Sports for his own challenge and outlet he brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients when training but also knows how to make things fun to keep them coming back time and time again.

He runs group sessions and also Personal Training face to face and online via Zoom.

Brodie Charles

Brodie Charles

Brodie recently discharged from the Australian Army where he served in the 6th Infantry Battalion in Brisbane and deployed to Afghanistan prior to discharging to pursue his true passion in health and fitness.

Brodie’s knowledge base and constant pursuit of even more knowledge is amazing and allows him to pass on educated advice around rehabilitation, nutrition and exercise programming that ensures he can personalise a plan for his clients to get the best possible results working within whatever parameters they have to work within.

Brodie programs all group sessions at Project 180 as well as running group sessions and Personal Training sessions. If you have a goal and a time frame to achieve it then Brodie will get you on track and keep you there to give you the best possible chance to achieve it.

Virtual Personal Training

Personal Training is the fastest way to achieve results as our team are able to personalise all training for you and your specific goals. We’re able to provide our PT sessions face to face or online (virtual PT). These sessions can be physical training, nutrition consults or mindset coaching sessions.

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