Goal Setting for 2019 - Project180

Welcome to Project 180.

As we work hard to fit out our facility and get it open to the public we were thinking about the importance of Goal Setting and Tracking Your Actions to ensure you achieve your goal.

I have just come off running our first ever High Performance Getaway which is a four day event to immerse participants in a positive and creative environment to work on their goals and dreams. A chance to really get clear on what it is they want and then the action steps to get there.

Here’s my Goal Setting Format – basic, to the point and it works.┬áREACHYOURPEAK 2019

The fact is you don’t get anywhere worth going when you rely solely on luck. Luck is great to have but it’s a very poor strategy and not something to let your happiness or success rely solely.

I trust you find some value in the form. Get planning and have a kick arse 2019.


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