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Eight Week Health & Fitness Challenge
Commencing Saturday 29th July 2023

Kickstart Your Fitness – 8 week challenge

Join our transformative 8-week fitness challenge and unlock the best version of yourself.

This challenge is designed to push you beyond your limits, helping you achieve remarkable results and create lasting habits. By committing to this journey, you’ll embark on a path of personal growth, physical transformation, and renewed motivation. Our team of expert trainers will guide you every step of the way, providing customized workout plans, nutrition guidance, and unwavering support. You’ll not only witness changes in your body composition, strength, and endurance, but you’ll also experience an incredible boost in your confidence and self-belief.

The camaraderie and accountability within our challenge community will keep you motivated and inspired, as you share your triumphs and challenges with like-minded individuals who are on the same journey. Embrace the opportunity to challenge yourself, break through barriers, and discover the incredible strength that resides within you.

At the end of these 8 weeks, you’ll emerge as a stronger, healthier, and more empowered version of yourself, ready to take on any obstacle that comes your way.

Don’t just imagine the change—join our 8-week fitness challenge and make it a reality.

There are four main classes in our Kickstart Program


with a bonus class of Dog Squad (team based workout)

With the middle of the year being upon us, this is the time we struggle the most to stay motivated with our Health & Fitness. The solution?? Our 8 week Kick Start Challenge with trainers Mitch, Tenaya and Bryce to inspire you to stay active, stay engaged and enjoy a vibrant and dynamic program for 8 weeks to get you through the winter blues.

Want to:

🔥 Kickstart a Healthy, Fitter and more Energetic lifestyle
🔥 Delay signs and symptoms of Ageing
🔥 Firm up those trouble spots
🔥 Boost your Confidence level
🔥 Transform into a completely New You in time for Summer

If you live or work near NEWSTEAD, we’re inviting you to join our challenge!

Here’s what’s included in the challenge:

✔️ 3 x Semi-Private Training Sessions each week
✔️ 1 x Super Saturday Session per week
✔️ 1 x Metabolic Conditioning Session
✔️ One Nutrition Workshop
✔️ Fitness Assessment at start and end of challenge so you can track progress
✔️ Inspired and Energetic Fitness Instructors
✔️ Personalised Nutrition Plan to suit your lifestyle
✔️ Daily Accountability and Support from your Trainers
✔️ 2 x Mindset Success Seminars

💰PLUS! If you complete the entire challenge we will give you your money back 💰

Kickstart 8 Week Challenge

Kickstart 8 Week Challenge




There are a variety of sessions available to you from 5:15am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 6am or 7am on Saturday morning.


Say Goodbye to the Winter Blues and Say HELLO to a New Revitalized You in time for Summer!

✔️ No ongoing Membership required
✔️ $200 sign up and 8 week membership
✔️ Complete the program and receive your money back
✔️ Guaranteed Results
✔️ Mentor Support from Highly Experienced Human Performance Specialists
✔️ Current Members Special (if you’re currently a member you can add the eight week challenge for just $120

This program will be delivered directly by Mitch, Tenaya and Bryce using techniques learned and used over many years of working as Fitness Professionals and getting amazing results for their clients and members.

Kickstart 8 Week Challenge


Kickstart 8 Week Challenge



It’s time to change the way you train as we take you through a comprehensive six week program with the best mentoring and positive mindset back up and support to ensure you get on track, stay on track and Kickstart 2020 with a new energy and a new focus.
Commences Saturday 29th July at 8amWe look forward to sharing this challenge and the results with you.Mitch:
M: 0423 233 845
M: 0411 175 117