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Kickstart 180  – 28 Challenge

Welcomed to our 28 or 56 Day Challenge Program.
This is not like any challenge you’ve taken on before. Our focus is not ONLY on the numbers you hit on the scales or the amount of reps you get in the fitness assessment.
Our focus is on building a strong mindset as the foundation for the fitter, healthier, more resilient you.

What is it?

Kickstart 180 is a 28 or 56 day fitness challenge which is available online or in person at the gym. We offer weekly mindset sessions in the form of Goal Setting to start the week and a mid week LIVE VIA ZOOM session with Glenn Azar and Jayden Nikorima to help you work through the mental challenges throughout the program but also throughout life.

The end result? A mentally, physically and emotionally strong version of you.


SUNDAY:  Goal Setting Video placed inside a private Dropbox for the group which you can download and use/access whenever you like. This sets up your week ahead by giving you the prompts and tools to layout your week, match it to your intentions and set some accountability around the process.

MONDAY: 5:15am and 6:00pm Training Sessions.

TUESDAY: 6:30pm Live Zoom Session. This will be recorded and placed into the dropbox as well. If you miss the session you can still get great value from it.

WEDNESDAY: 5:15am and 6:00pm Training Sessions.

THURSDAY: REST DAY or cardio based session if you’re looking for extra and you’re body is pulling up ok.

FRIDAY: 5:15am and 6:00pm Training Sessions.

SATURDAY: 6:00am Training Session plus Dog Squad at 7am for those keen to double up.



This program is $75 per week for the 28 days (total: $300) or $65 per week for 56 days (total: $520).

Current Members $120 upfront plus weekly membership (28 Days) or $160 upfront plus weekly membership (56 days).

Start Date:

The program kicks off on Saturday 6th February 2021 with an introduction and fitness benchmarking session so we can see where you’re at to measure improvement by the end of the program.


It’s our intention for you to leave this program feeling mentally. physically and emotionally stronger, healthier and more resilient. You will do this by being around like-minded, driven people who are willing to push themselves in all areas of life.

All fitness levels and all experience levels will be covered. We focus on effort over aesthetics so as long as you put in the work for wherever you’re currently at then you’re guaranteed to see a result.

Final Celebration:

At the end of the 56 day portion of the program we will host a celebration dinner and key note session for participants and family/friends so they can share in the outcomes you’ve achieved through this program. For those online we will zoom you in so you don’t miss out or you can get to Brisbane to join us.

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