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It’s taken a while but I think I can safely say that I have stopped worrying about the way my body looks and have started to appreciate it for the things it can do.

That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes fall back into that old way of thinking but for the most part I can say that I’ve overcome the body image issues I once struggled with.

I’d have to say that it’s mostly due to the people I surround myself with, people who train for performance over aesthetics. People who eat to fuel their body rather than count calories in order to starve their bodies. But mostly in surround by people with a positive mindset, who focus on the good things in life rather than the negatives.

When you start appreciating what your body can do, over what it looks like, your mindset will change. Its so easy to get caught up in self judgement and thinking that you need to look a certain way to be beautiful – heck it was only last night that I was looking in the mirror about to embark on another journey down that self hate road but instead I took some extra time to do a self care routine and focus on loving parts of myself rather than hating my entire body.

I was recently inspired by the ESPN’s “The Body Issue” that featured CrossFit athlete Katrin Davidsdottir. She talks about the love she has for her body now because of what it can do and has done, rather than what it looks like. Katrin is human and means she also has those internal battles but for me the biggest take away is the fact that she knows the way she looks is the result of the hard work and dedication she has put in for so many years to be an athlete.

For years the Body Issue has been one of my favourite things to look through. Being a gymnast, I always wanted to be smaller, skinnier, weigh less, and even today, I can still catch myself wanting my body to be different than how it is. But through the years, and especially with CrossFit, I have learned to love my body and appreciate it for what it can do for me. I put it through so much, and the way I look is the result of the hard work and dedication I have put in for so many years. I am so PROUD of what I have accomplished with this body.”

I think that’s a great way to think. Making this change requires you to be conscious of your thoughts and self-correcting every time you catch yourself in a negative self-talk pattern.

It’s not easy but it’s achievable and it’s most certainly worth the effort.

I hope you find time to love yourself and work on this skill because it’s literally life changing.

by Trica Cannon
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