Fight Camp - Boxing Fitness Program - Project180

Welcome back to our popular FIGHT CAMP Program which is an 8 week Boxing Technique & Fitness Program designed for beginners through to advanced.

This program is designed to teach you the basic boxing skills, drills and techniques whilst also adding in the fitness sessions that Professional Boxers go through to get themselves into such great shape.

This program is scaled to suit beginners right through to advanced meaning those who want to jump in the ring for competition sparring can do so and those who don’t want to don’t have to so everyone is catered for.

Our goal is to improve your self confidence, self belief, hand eye co-ordination, physical and mental fitness.

✔️ Improved Physical Fitness
✔️ Increased Self Confidence
✔️ Decrease in Body Fat
✔️ Improved Skill Levels
✔️ Improved Hand Eye Co-Ordination
✔️ Lower Stress Levels
✔️ Improved Mental Health

The program allows full access to all Project 180 Classes with added Boxing Skill Specific Classes for program participants only on:

Monday:  6:00pm
Wednesday: 6:00pm
Friday: 6:00pm
Saturday: 6:00am

There will be an opportunity for those interested to have a Charity Exhibition Fight on a Charity Fight Night featuring our very own 5 x Australian Champion and Commonwealth Games Medalist TAYLAH ROBERTSON so if you wish you get to participate on the undercard of Taylah’s proposed fight in September.

WE HAVE AN INFO MORNING ON SATURDAY 29th May at 9:00am where you can watch Taylah Robertson train. To register your interest simply click the link below:



Commences: Monday 5th July at 6:00pm

Concludes: Saturday 28th August.

Cost: $500

Participants:  20 Maximum


✔️ Private Group Sessions x 4 p/w
✔️ Qualified and Experienced Boxing and Fitness Coaches
✔️ Comprehensive Boxing Manual
✔️ Private Facebook Group
✔️ Private Mentoring Group Session with Taylah Robertson
✔️ Coached by Ziah Faasee
✔️ Assisted by Glenn Azar

Must Have: 

✔️ Boxing Gloves (12oz or 10oz)
✔️ Hand Wraps
✔️ Towel
✔️ Water Bottle