Membership Options 2020 - Project180

Whilst we’re all in uncertain times and the way we act and interact has changed I can promise you that one thing has not changed and that’s our commitment to you and your health & fitness journey.

Truth is that it’s more important than ever to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind as social isolation, parents home schooling whilst also working from home and the lack of our normal routine are all ingredients for a recipe for absolute disaster.

We can avoid this by doing three things:

1. Maintaining some routine with our health & fitness
2. Ensuring we put good information into our heads via books course and podcasts
3. Maintain a good social connection utilising tools available (zoom, skype etc).

You can tune into our online classes via zoom if you want to be able to train virtually with each other so you can actually see others training. You can utilise FB live to tune in and therefore do the workout in real time no matter where you are or what time of day. We currently have people doing it in parks, on their balcony, in the lounge room, by their pool or in the basement. It’s quite literally anywhere anytime in real time.

Membership Options:

  1. $45 per week for access to the full online program as well as hire of equipment Please note if you wish to cancel your membership you can do so at any time but we require the return of any equipment within  24 hours so that others may benefit from it’s use. We also offer a 15 minute weekly phone call to help keep you on track with this membership so please let us know if you’d appreciate a call each week.
  2. $25 per week for access to the full online program minus any equipment. The full online program has daily workouts delivered in real time as well as a weekly zoom hangout to socialise and chat about mindset, talk about the program and basically to check in with each other and see where you’re at.
  3. PAY WHAT YOU CAN. This is a really important one for me. I don’t want you to cancel your membership especially if you’re doing it tough due to COVID-19. If you’ve been affected financially due to the virus and the current economic situation please contact me personally on mob: 0438 364106 or email and let me know what you can afford and we will make it work for you.
  4. Cancel or suspend  your membership. This is definitely not something myself or my team want. We want to keep inspiring you and we want us to remain a community that supports each other because one thing the military taught me is that together we can achieve so much more than we can separately.
  5. Personal Training. Brodie, Ziah and myself are all available for private 1-on-1 or your own private group training sessions delivered via zoom. These are $50 per half hour or $70 per session and your program will be designed specifically for you and can incorporate whatever equipment you have available to you. This is a great way to get yourself personally motivated. Nutrition consults, mindset consults and physical training can all be booked through this means.
  6. Personalised Mindset Coaching. Alyssa and I are available for personalised mindset sessions. This is literally what we do with most of our days and we have a proven track record in goal setting, mindset strategies and can help you over any hump you may be experiencing.

Thank You

In all honesty words do no justice to the gratitude I have for everyone that has stuck with us through this crazy time and the many messages of support we’ve received. Without you we would not be able to continue to do what we do so it’s not only with amazing gratitude that we receive your support and messages but it’s also vital to keep us here and to ensure we’re still here at the end of this thing.

Bottom line, whilst words do no justice I just want to personally thank you all for your support and let you know it means the world to me and I know to the entire team as well.

Stay strong and if there’s anything we can do please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Glenn Azar
Project 180 HQ Pty Ltd

M: 0438 364106