New Year New You - Project180

This time of year we make a lot of promises to ourselves. It doesn’t matter how we wrap them, a resolution, a list of goals, or perhaps we just want to make sure that this year is different to last year.

Whatever way you dress this up we all know that these things, let’s call them resolutions, seldom last past the month of January. Don’t take that as a personal failure it’s the same for you, me and 98% of the population I’m sure.

So how do we avoid this in 2021?

If I could give you one key it would be consistency. Even without a plan if you take a consistent action in any area you will improve in that area. For example if you exercise every day or consistently four times a week, even without a goal you will get fitter. You have to. It’s a law of nature.

Interestingly if you tale consistent action in a negative direction you will also improve (consistency doesn’t care about the outcome it’s just a result of the action). For example if you’re negative all the time and see the worst in people, the world, your personal situation then you will become better at seeing the world in that way. You will be able to see a negative from a mile away. If you consistently eat poorly, don’t move your body, binge on TV rather than do any form of personal development or growing your mindset then you’ll most likely feel less energetic, lower libido (who needs that???), feel lethargic, be ill more often. You become better at being unwell physically, mentally and emotionally.

My point? You don’t necessarily need a goal to make improvements you just need to take consistent actions that move you in a direction you like, a direction that makes you feel better. Sure having a goal is helpful but it’s not vital. Stop sitting around waiting for the epiphany or that bolt of inspiration to hit you. Start taking action that you know will have a positive long term effect.

Here are some basics that will set you in the right direction:

1. Write a list of weekly non-negotiables. (exercise 3 -4 times a week, listen to a Personal Development Podcast once a week, whatever you want for your non-negotiables).

2. Find someone to hold you accountable. A mate, your partner, kids are a great one. You can teach them about setting standards and setting goals by doing it together. At the end of the week review how you went and be willing to explain why you didn’t do something that YOU put on your list as a non-negotiable.

3. Set a small target and write out what you will do to celebrate or acknowledge hitting the target. Keep these tight, no more than six weeks away. Something easy to work towards but also easy to reset if you get off track. Saves waiting until the end of the year to realise you didn’t make the changes you wanted this year.

4. Surround yourself with people that inspire you. Think about gardening for a moment. If you’re trying to grow beautiful flowers and they don’t seem to be taking you don’t blame the flowers you change the environment in which the flowers are trying to grow. You pull out the weeds, till the soil, throw in some fertilizer, water regularly, perhaps put some mesh around to help avoid the bugs. You work on the environment surrounding the flower in order to help the flower to grow. You’re no different. You will never truly achieve in your life if the environment you’re in is lending itself to that growth. You can talk around it anyway you like but this is a simple truth you won’t avoid.

If you want 2021 to be different for you then look at small simple actions you take on a consistent basis whilst surrounded by inspired people that will encourage you to keep pushing towards your goals even when the going gets tough.

If you’re not sure where to start get in touch and let my team and I help you. This is what Project 180 is all about.

Here’s to a prosperous, happy and healthy year in 2021.

Glenn Azar
Found Project 180 HQ
Host of the Building Better Humans Project Podcast