The Code to Set Up 2020 - Project180

I am currently putting together the most comprehensive kick start mentoring program I have ever produced to ensure people get to set to have an amazing year in 2020.

  • The work starts now.
  • Planning.
  • Action Steps.
  • Knowing what to do when things go wrong or challenges arise (and they will).
  • Knowing why you’re doing it, why it’s important to you.

There’s a private group on facebook ( New Year’s Revolution 2020 ) which I invite you to join. This is free until the end of December and then it becomes a paid private group coaching format. You’re welcome to hang around until then and drop out if it’s not for you. I think you’ll find it incredibly valuable to get you fired up and on track for a cracking year.

I just completed the webinar which I am giving everyone free access to. In this webinar I outlined some things you can do right now to ensure you have yourself set up for 2020 before it even gets here.

Check it out and let me know if you find value in it, if you have any questions and what action you’re taking as a result of the info in this one.

This is not a five quick tips video. This is a full on deep dive into some things you can be doing right now and over the next 28 days to set yourself on track for unbelievable results going forward. Do the work and you may just surprise yourself with the results you get.

Plenty of more of these going into the New Year’s Revolution program.

Here’s to a massive 2020.