Vision Boards, Setting Goals and the Kokoda Track - Project180

When I was away with the Army last year, before I was living in Newstead, became a qualified PT and long before I’d heard of Glenn, Project 180 or Adventure Professionals, I started a bucket list. In the number one spot to one day Trek the Kokoda Track.

Fast forward to right now and I’m living in Newstead. working as a qualified Personal Trainer at Project 180 and Adventure Professionals and most amazingly I am booked in to trek Kokoda in April 2020.

I don’t know what drew me to the idea of wanting to Trek Kokoda it just came to me one day last year and that’s when I decided I was going to do it. So I wrote it down.

As I write this article we are 7 months out from Anzac Day – the last day of the trek I’ll be going on. For now I am pretty relaxed about it all. I hear the stories of people who have already done the trip with Glenn and Adventure Professionals and I’m excited. If you haven’t listened to the Kokoda Track Podcast you really should check it out.

At times it’s hard to believe where my life is right now and the people I am surrounded by but the lessons I have learnt, and I hope you find value in as well, are the importance of having goals. Not just in your head but written down. I don’t know if you believe in the universe or the law of attraction but for me it’s a very real thing. Time and time again things have happened where I think this can’t just be all coincidence.

If you haven’t tried writing your goals down then I suggest you give it a go. In the coming weeks Glenn will be running a Vision Boarding Workshop so keep an eye out on our social media channels and the website for details. This is such a powerful process that I am sure you will get immense value out of it. In fact you may well be surprised by what 202 brings you as a result of doing this.

At Project 180 we Build Better Humans but what that looks like on a practical level? It’s about encouraging people to live an active lifestyle but even more than that, it’s giving them the tools to live active, be active and enjoy all that life has to offer by improving their mindset, physical health and offering a positive and supportive environment with which to surround themselves.

For those of you already training here I am sure you get that but it’s not just something we teach it’s something we live and breath. It has to start with us and I have no doubt that my life has improved and mindset is growing stronger since becoming a part of this great team.

Take Away’s from my experience? 

1. Plan – If you can dream it then it’s possible. If you write it down it becomes probable. Please take time to write down your goals and dreams.

2. Find the Right Tribe – Any success is a lot easier and a lot more likely if you’re surrounded by people that believe in you and believe in what’s possible. If you can’t get to Project 180 then I urge you to find your tribe. Look long and hard. Find people that make you want to raise your level and who believe in your dreams no matter how wild they may be.

3. Do the Work – Turn up and work with the intent of knowing what you’re working for and understanding how important it is to you but also knowing you have to do the work. You are capable and it is worth it. So are you.

Trica Cannon